hello! i'm lucky, a 30 year old trans furry artistopen YCHs can be found on my twitter and furaffinity pages or at the links belowcustom commissions are currently open, you can fill out my form below, or contact me via telegram or other listed social media!my patreon is linked below, offering both a $1/mo tier as a tip jar as well as a $5/mo tier with exclusive content!

✦ terms of service ✦

✦ i do not begin any work until full payment is received. if circumstances come up that you cannot pay for an auction you have won/slot claimed, i am willing to hold for 1-2 weeks until you are able to pay. if this is the case, please let me know as soon as possible.✦ my current turnaround time is 3-6 weeks, however this is subject to change as i work a full time job with inconvenient hours. please be prepared to wait that long if you are commissioning me, but i am always happy to provide queue updates when asked! if you have a tighter deadline a rush fee of $20 USD can be paid to bump you up in the queue. i cannot take requests for completion under 10 days, but for any other time frames please feel free to ask.✦ YCH auction winners must respond within 72 hours or the piece/slot will be given to the next highest bidder, or reposted if there are no bids. once invoice has been sent, payment must be made within 72 hours, unless there are circumstances we have discussed, otherwise spot will be forfeited. this only applies to auctioned pieces and not unlimited slot YCHs, if an auction has no bids otherwise but you miss the 72hr deadline, you are welcome to reach out to see if it is still available, but it is not guaranteed.✦ unless we have already established a relationship of some kind, please keep all conversation related to business only, thank you! inappropriate breach of professional boundaries may result in commission cancellation.✦ commissioned work is for personal use only unless pre-determined otherwise. if you would like work for commercial use, please contact me first so we can discuss! neither my commissioned work nor my personal pieces/characters are to be involved with anything regarding crypto/NFT/ai.✦ clients are allowed to make small edits, crop, and use their piece as icons/banners/etc. i reserve the right to use the work any way i want, such as printing, uploading to other sites, using for portfolio pieces, etc. private usage for only the client is allowed but needs to be discussed prior to payment.✦ all of these terms apply to whoever is receiving the commission, including additional parties that were not the one paying for it (ex. gift art with consent, multiple slot pieces, etc). i reserve the right to deny service to anyone for reasons such as scamming, inappropriate behavior, violation of TOS, etc.

✦ payment ✦

✦ payment will be via square invoice, an invoice is emailed to you and paid with a card or apple pay, no account needed. most major cards accepted regardless of region. in some instances cashapp can be accepted for totals of $15 USD or less, such as adoptables.✦ i do not offer refunds once work has begun. if it has been over 4 weeks and i have not provided you an initial sketch and you wish to be refunded, please reach out to me.

✦ commission process ✦

✦ written references are accepted and traditional reference sheets are not required, you may provide as many images of your character as you'd like. if you are commissioning NSFW and you only have SFW images of your character, please provide the needed details over text or other images to go off of.✦ complex character designs or backgrounds may require an additional fee, if this is the case i will discuss it with you before invoicing.✦ colors will be picked from the provided references unless requested otherwise.✦ i offer up to 2 major edits free at the sketch stage of charge, and any additional changes will have a fee depending on complexity/stage of completion, unless it is an error on my end such as missing character details, something overlooked from the original inquiry, incorrect colors, etc.✦ if you are ever unsatisfied with the color/pattern of a simple background on your piece, let me know! i try to pick colors complimentary to the character, but i am more than happy to change it upon request - the same goes for brightness/contrast as it varies between my ipad and phone/computer.

✦ commission content info ✦

✦ subject matter i specialize in - trans bodies, watersports, slime tf, breeding, toys/plushies, exhibitionism/voyeurism, drugs, light bondage✦ features that may require an additional fee - designs with busy patterns/many color variations, complex horns or wings, detailed clothing/armor, machinery/vehicles/weapons. other features not listed may require a fee and will be discussed with the initial inquiry.

✦ content i will not draw ✦

✦ farting/scat, diapers, underage characters, rape/noncon (dubcon ok), vore involving any body part other than the mouth (anal, cock, etc), pregnancy, hyper realistic animal genitalia (stylized or fantasy ok)✦ characters/motifs associated with hate groups such as cops, alt right, nazis, confederate, or any content that promotes transphobia/homophobia/racism/any other hate towards a group or individual. while they are not necessarily considered a hate group, i am uncomfortable drawing any military for these reasons.✦ characters taken without owner permission, gift art or otherwise.✦ if there is something you are unsure about or that is not listed, please feel free to ask me directly!

full body - $70

☆ full body pieces will often have some parts (feet/elbows/etc) cropped out of the frame, if you would prefer the entire body on the canvas with no crops, let me know!☆ +$50 for each additional character☆ possible upcharge for complex background or character design depending on request

closeup - $55

☆ main character roughly from the shoulders up
☆ additional character bits included in price but particularly complex/detailed extras may require an additional fee

headshot badge - $50

☆ roughly 4"x6" digital badge, laminated and mailed to you - badge clip optional
☆ text optional, small extras can be added at no extra charge
☆ price includes shipping within the US, international can be calculated upon request