hello! i'm lucky, a 30 year old trans furry artistopen YCHs can be found on my twitter and furaffinity pages or at the links belowcustom commissions are currently open, you can fill out my form below, or contact me via email/telegram!

☆ terms of service ☆

☆ payment will be via square invoice, an invoice is emailed to you and paid with a card, no account needed.☆ my current turnaround time is 2-5 weeks, if delays come up i will keep you informed.☆ YCH auction winners must respond within 72 hours or the piece/slot will be given to the next highest bidder, or reposted if there are no bids.☆ once invoice has been sent, payment must be made within 72 hours otherwise spot will be forfeited. if something comes up where you need extra time to pay, please let me know ASAP and i will try to work with you.☆ if you are ever unsatisfied with the color/pattern of a simple background on your piece, let me know! i am more than happy to change it upon request☆ my work will not be involved with anything regarding crypto/ai.

✖ content i will not draw ✖

☆ feral nsfw, noncon/rape, scat, diapers, underage characters, characters associated with any sort of hate group (cops, alt right, nazis, confederate, etc)☆ i reserve the right to decline any commission request☆ if you are unsure about something you want, please feel free to ask me directly!

full body - $70

☆ full body pieces will often have some parts (feet/elbows/etc) cropped out of the frame, if you would prefer the entire body on the canvas with no crops, let me know!☆ +$50 for each additional character☆ possible upcharge for complex background depending on request

headshot badge - $50

☆ laminated headshot badge mailed to you
☆ roughly 4"x6"
☆ text or no text OK, can add small border items at no cost
☆ shipping within the US included in cost, international calculated upon request

sketch page - $100

☆ chibi style, filled with 3-6 partial/full images of either 1 or 2 characters of your choice with a simple color/pattern background☆ sequential or varied pieces OK☆ price is for single character, +$50 for a 2 character sheet